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Pregnancy results

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I sent off milk samples to central star to do pregnancy testing on 2 of my does. One doe bred 30 days prior came back pregnant (0.27) the other doe bred 31 days prior came back recheck (0.20). Apparently anything over 0.25 is pregnant. Between 0.1 and 0.25 is recheck and below 0.1 is open. I will recheck her but was just curious what her chances are. I know a recheck value can sometimes be caused by an early lost pregnancy. So the number was high but is dropping. Or it could just be this doe hasn't produced enough of the protein or whatever they look for yet. Just curious if anybody thinks it's more likely one than the other. I did just purchase them and they traveled 17 days after breeding so it is possible she lost it then. So, again, I will send in a new sample but in the meantime I thought I'd see of anybody has any thoughts. Thanks!
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I have never checked for pregnancy via milk. Always blood.
I've never done milk either. Good luck!
Thats interesting. Didnt know they could do that. I only knew of blood and sonogram.
Well for anybody interested, Central Star Lab in WI & MI do pregnancy & Johne's with milk samples. They can do it with blood samples as well. Its the same kind of test and same accuracy. Pregnancy is like $4.50 a sample. For $1.50 you can also get component analysis. The components are done the day they receive the sample & preg results are the next business day. You can order a kit from them that includes return shipping. The milk sample vials have a preservative tab in them so no need to ship with ice or cooler. I've used them for years with cow testing. They are a geat lab!
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Wow, interesting 🤔
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