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Herd (such as it is) 2 Boer does, one 2 1/2 yo kidded well last year in December, one 1 1/2 yo that was not bred last year, so this is her first.

At any rate, I'm worried that the younger doe may develop pregnancy toxemia since she was a pretty big girl before she was bred. She is a very solid and wide doe, but she also carried a good deal of "extra" weight before she was bred. It's this extra weight that has me concerned that she is at risk for toxemia, so I'm looking for tips and suggestions to prevent this from happening. I can find tons of info on how to deal with it after the fact, but I'm leaning towards prevention at the moment.

Does are due Jan 30th, so we are just past the halfway mark. The older doe is showing already (she got massive with twins last year), but the younger and larger doe is not really showing so much just yet, but again, she was much larger when she started. We feed Dumor pelleted feed at about 3lbs each daily with a couple flakes of hay each weekly. The hay is a hodgepodge of clover/grass/alfalfa, and we add Manapro goat mineral to the feed once daily. They are in a smallish pen that does not count as pasure, so what we feed is what they get.

Thanks in advance!

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Pregnancy Toxemia is a metabolic disorder primarily effecting does that are either very over conditioned or very under weight. It is caused by a pregnant doe not getting enough energy to sustain her needs during pregnancy, thereby metabolizing body reserves and releasing toxins. Here are some articles on how to prevent it from happening.

PS - I hope you don't have to deal with it but, in the event you do, I wish you the very best and we are here to help you in any way we can.
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