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Pregnancy toxemia?

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What is pregnancy toxemia? How do does even get it?
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A short run down with out big words.....its basically when the babies are growing and the doe can't keep up with them and it sucks all the good from the doe. That's how I just explained it to my mom ;)
Treating for it now. I feel like a walking syrup bottle.
Ok thanks:) is it when a doe is to fat before breeding and has problems with the babies later on?
info on preg tox at bottom of this page, scroll way down.
I looked but how do you prevent toxemia? I just don't want my does to get it or anything:(
I might be wrong .. But calcium during pregnancy helps ...?
Goat crazy gave good reads. Basically well balanced feeding program prevents pregnancy illnesses, also the doe not being too fat or too thin. Read the links , they will fill you in in detail
Watch your girls very close there are small signs before it gets bad and is hard to get them back on their feet again. The first sign is off grain like they just don't like it when usually they go nuts over it. If they stumple or act off in the back legs is another sign. My doe I thought she just needed her hoofs trimmed or was just uncomfortable being so heavy bred. To be honest any doe that is bred and acts off Itreat till tthey get fast enough that I can't catch and treat any more :)
I agree, if you even suspect PT..treat...
Ok thanks:) I have two does I want to breed in January. I do have one doe that is a little on the chubby side. So my question is, would it be ok to feed them alfalfa pellets,whole oats and BOSS?
And what do you treat with if they do get it? Thanks:D
I feed mine WHole Oats, BOSS, Calf manna and Beet pulp with alfalfa pellets...when they are dry they get a small serving only and if they are well conditions(aka chubby) I dont feed them grain at all...Hay and alfalfa only along with the time they are 3 months bred I begin feeding again, adding slowly to help with the demand of the babies. Keeping an eye on their condition helps you know if they need more or less..once they kid you can maintain the amount given at the time of kidding, adjusting as their condition warrents it
Here is a link to help you understand what condition your pygmys should be in...

You want your does healthy an in good condition before breeding, gie thema great start...
best wishes
Ok thanks:D
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