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I figured I would give a little update on Juno. Her CBC came back yesterday. They just sent me the document but not any explanation on it, which I'm assuming means nothing dire. I attempted to decipher it the best I could lol. It looks like her RBC was just slightly low, and her RDW was high. Her TIBC was also a little low, as was her A/G ratio. So from what I can gather on the internet she was possibly anemic and maybe has in iron deficiency? I could be wayyy off the mark there though so I'm not treating her for anything else until my normal vet, who also received the bloodwork, gets back to me.
She is doing much better. She is way more interested in her food and actually came up to the feed room door wanting 2nds after breakfast this morning. The vet advised me to treat her until she went back to normal, which I believe she has. I'm sure she'll be happy to be done with those vitamin B shots! She did lose some condition, which I would like to see her get back before kidding. Aside from that though, she is doing well! Fingers crossed she stays this way :)
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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