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Pregnant doe got into chicken scratch and has the runs

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My little Nigerian dwarf doe got into the chicken scratch and has the runs now, he is about 2 months prego and I am scared, is she hurt? Will it just pass through her system? I'm new to goats!
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Give her a little scourhalt, three or four pumps. I'm sure she will get over it soon and be just fine
She should pass it however I would give her some milk of magnesia to help her get rid of it and settle her rumen. Dosage is 15ccs per 60lbs.
Our local feed store only has save-a-calf brand scour milk replacer, is anyone familiar with this brand for goats? And might this be ok to use?
That is milk replacer. That is just for bottle fed animals. Use MOM as Goathiker suggested.
Ok so is this MOM the same as the human stuff you can buy at the grocery store?! You are all great thanks for your help!!
If she were mine, I would give her B Complex either orally or injectable and baking soda drench or bolus to de-acidify her rumen and make sure she doesn't head into acidosis or polio.
lottsagoats....I have no idea what that means!
The Milk Of Magnesia is already de-acidifying her rumen. It's actually more alkaline than soda.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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