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My doe may or may not be pregnant. I have ordered a P-Test. Pictures attached!

This is why I think she may be pregnant:
- Her stomach is getting big fast
- Her udder is starting to grow into last years kidding size
- She's pawing and laying down A LOT
- She's bigger on her right side (which I heard where the kids usually hang)
- Her vulva is swelling (bigger than my other does vulva)
- Her intact son is 8 mo and has been in the same pen as her until last week (due to pen not being finished.)
- I can feel a kid-sized head in doe, when I push/rub it does away
- She's larger in the belly compared to my other doe

Reasons to think she's not pregnant:
- She's a fat girl because I spoil her! (She's healthy! ;))
- I have never seen my buck get into the mood with her

Last pic is of my other doe
20200409_141208.jpg 20200409_141250.jpg 20200409_141155.jpg 20200409_141201.jpg 20200409_141348.jpg
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