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I came home April 26th to a buck happily lounging in the doe pasture. He'd opened the new gate and played around the backyard but the backyard fence is nothing to go under for a goat so he wound up in the doe pasture. Yes its repeat offender Rue.

Anyway, no one seemed to be in heat that day but I don't know how long he'd been out or who he may have had a fling with. We'd met someone in GA with goats at a show so we were gone for several hours.

So I watched butts for signs of breeding ie discharge and for does to act like they were in heat. Well wouldn't you know it, 3 days later everyone seemed to be in heat. Potsie and Contredanse are huge buck flirts so I wondered then if they may have been bred. Potsie had discharge but I didn't see any on anyone else.

So if anyone was bred they'd be due 9-23-08. Lucky for me I don't have any does due then. Actually I only have two more due this year, Civil due in little less than a month and Barbie due in November. So at least I know who's daddy should any turn up kidding in September.

What do you think? This is Contredanse who kidded 1-30-08 this year with twins and we did retain her doeling and she is still nursing so the bit of udder there could be from Cha-Cha. These photos taken 7-18... ... 18-084.jpg ... 18-083.jpg

And Potsie, she kidded 2-16-08 with quadruplets and we did retain a doe kid from her too. These photos taken 6-26... ... 26-084.jpg ... 26-081.jpg

We feed everyone together and I haven't really thought about them getting anymore than anyone else but they're the only two who look noticeably pudgy. What do you think?
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