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Thanks. The question hadn't crossed my mind (yet). Iowa is a land of few rattlers, mostly around the rivers. I carry the ubiquitous snake kit for camping, although mine has epi-pens in it for snake and other venomous bites and stings. I've been bitten when I was a kid in NM.

I do use llama halters on llamas, though mostly because they fit the shape of the head. Right now the small alpaca size fits the shape of Cabra's head as well. I mostly use them because the underline of a llama's head is so much shorter than the topline.

So many of the smaller halters I've found so far in the farm store look like "premie foal" rather than really make for goats or sheep.

So is there anything special you carry first-aid wise for the goats? Thinking especially of venomous things now. I had a dog and one horse that are very allergic to some ant bites.

Anything extra for "normal" injuries, other than a comprehensive first aid kit. Like if I have a dog along, I make sure I have rapid cool-down supplies.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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