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Hi there, thank you all for your great info. This is my first time posting a message. I met some of you at the rendy this year, and am so impressed with y'all. I am planning a trip next week into the Trinity Alps, where I have been told there are lots of snakes. I am bringing my two goats Ouija and Gyro with, of course. I remember from llama packing days that we would bring a rubber hose along in snake country because if a llama gets bit on the nose, which they tend to do because of their curiosity, you have to stick the hose up their nose before the swelling cuts off their breathing. Luckily I never had to do that. So my question is, if a goat gets bit on the nose, can he still breathe through his mouth, unlike a llama? Or should I pack the hose?

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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