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Discussion in 'Show Circuit' started by Christina Smith, Jan 14, 2021.

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    Jul 18, 2020
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    Hey! I'm a first time goat shower ((I've shown lambs before)) and I'm in a tight spot with one of my show wethers. I want him to be in a certain class due to his frame and size, if he were to move up to the next class, I know we would do bad. The class I'm trying to keep him in though, has a max weight of 97 and he's about 100-101. I'm not to too worried about it because in the past with my lambs, they've lost weight on the trailer and I'm expecting him to as well. I'm just curious if anyone knows a rough estimate on how much goats generally lose while trailering. He'll only be in the trailer for about 20-30 minutes and the show is on the 24.
    I was also wondering, I know a couple days before the show you're supposed to hold and ration their feed and water to get rid of the belly, but exactly howmany days beforehand and how much food and water to give them? Thank you!
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    Hopefully someone will come along that can answer your question. This post of mine will bump the thread so it gets a bit more visible.