Preventing Coccidiosis

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    Sep 7, 2010
    I use Kepro's Prococ as a coccidiosis preventative for rabbits and goats. (Kepro is a Dutch vet product company.) The composition of the drug is:

    amprolium HCl 200 mg
    sulfaquinoxaline 200 mg
    vitamin K 3.2 mg

    That means that there is about 600 mg, or 60%, of something else.

    When I dissolve the powder in water, there is always an un-dissolved residue, even at a dilute concentration of 2 grams/litre. I am guessing that the important stuff has all dissolved, and is available to the animal, and that what is not dissolving is completely unimportant. Can anyone confirm that?
    Another question I have is to do with the interval at which the treatment should be given to kids as a preventative. I see from this forum that it should be given every 3 weeks, but I am not clear if that is

    from the start of one treatment to the start of the next,
    from the end of one treatment to the start of the next.

    I ask, because I treat over 5-7 days, which could mean that the poor kid is being dosed one third of the time if it is the former option.

    Why do I treat over 5-7 days? It is because I have so little information available to me on the use of the drug; the Kepro website says to treat lambs and kids during 5 to 7 days, but does not say if that is as a treatment or as a preventative. Based on the ingredients, can I get away with a shorter period for preventative treatments?

    (I wanted to hide these stupid questions in Goat Sense 101, but it seems that I cannot get in there.)
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    Amprolium is the med in for treating cocci in areas that DiMethox or Albon can't touch, it can cause a severe thiamine deficiency though leading to Polio in goats. I wouldn't reccomend using Corid(amprolium) as a prevention due to the problem it could create with inducing polio...treatment ok, but not prevention.
    The sulfaquinoxaline is something I'm not familiar with... I looked it up and came up with this

    from what I understand, the SulfaQ is not water soluable, leaving me to believe that what you have left in the container after mixing would be the SQ.
    I use DiMethox 12.5% as prevention...1.5 cc twice a day for 7 days at 3 weeks of age, then 1.5cc once a week til weaned .

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    Sep 7, 2010
    Thanks for that reply.

    I take your point about amprolium and the risk of polio, and will have a look here for an alternative prophylactic.

    That wikipedia link says that sulfaquinoxaline is "slightly soluble in water", and I see elsewhere that it is given to poultry and rabbits in drinking water, at concentrations of a few grams per litre. Kepro give no indication as to how Prococ should be given to goats.

    (I am sorry that it took so long for me to reply, but thieves nicked the overhead wire of our phone line the night after I started this thread. The phone company did not finally finish replacing the line until a few hours ago).