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    Jun 23, 2010
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    I am trying to learn how you figure pricing on your goats. Like what do you sell weathers for? Like my does kids will be raised on a cae prevention around what should I price them at? I am trying to figure my budget for replacing my girls.
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Pets... pygmy/nigi cross kids are priced at $85 for doelings and $65 for wethers. The time and care I put into my goats to ensure they are healthy and stay healthy is factored in. Registered Nigerian kid prices are based on how the kid looks to me as well as bloodlines and dams udder, I register doelings myself because I feel that if I'm going to charge a higher rate for registered goats, I won't sell them as "registerable". I have yet to get any ND bucklings so I can't say as far as my pricing them. I basically try and give my registered girls the credit worthy of how they look as far as ND standards and how well they milk.

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    It is really going to depend on a lot of things. Registered or not, pedigree, demand for that breed in your area, conformation, udder, quality, etc.

    Lets say you pay $400 for a registered doe, her kids should generally be priced about the same as long as the quality and conformation stayed the same or improved.

    I sell all my wethers for $100 each or $175 for a pair. My does are generally around $300 and up. My bucklings can be anywhere from $250 to $400 or higher. It really just depends.

    You'll have to do some research in your area to see what everyone else is selling for and if yours are comparable, better, worse, etc.
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    Boy, I should get into minis. :wink: We raise nubians and the price for 4-H wethers is $25 if taken by three weeks. That's with disbudding, 1st CD/T, and BOSE. $40 for everyone else. $50 if sold at 4+ wks. The price is the same for grade wethers and full nubian.
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    Now I want more registered Nigerians from good milk lines! LOL Next year.....'m not even going to go there. I've sold just weaned bucklings for $500.....But the price varies of course on the quality, and sometimes even on the pedigree. If the father was a show winner, breeders will jack the kids price up just because of that. It all depends really.....
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    I agree with Kylee: do some research in your area to see what other people are asking. Find the sites of other Lamancha breeders and compare their goats to your own.
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    But you also must remember, "You get what you pay for" but in this case with the buyer. Pedigree and percentage plays a role in it. I'm not going to sell an average pedigree goat for the same price as a goat with a champion pedigree etc. Your area still plays a big part in price however.

    Hope that makes since.