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What is the average income for the average Cashmere doe? What is the average yearly cost for a Cashmere doe?

Same questions for Angoras.

Just curious. Thanks!
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Thanks Bess. Sorry I took so long to reply!

I am looking for something, along with my Nubians, that I could make a profit with and enjoy. Something that would make a big enough profit that I wouldn't have to have a job or atleast a full-time job anyways. I was looking at Alpacas, but....GEEZ! They are soooo EXPENSIVE! Plus.....I don't think Ohio is the best place to raise Alpacas, because they call Ohio Little Peru......that means Ohio has the most Alpaca breeders. So you could find them easily, but I think selling them would be hard.....there are so many Alpacas for sale right now in Ohio.

Anywho(kinda started ramblin' there :roll: ). If I were to raise Angoras and Cashmeres.......I would want them to do well in the show ring, so that the fleece and the breeding stock would sell well.

Is there a good market for cashmere and mohair?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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