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What is the average income for the average Cashmere doe? What is the average yearly cost for a Cashmere doe?

Same questions for Angoras.

Just curious. Thanks!
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Well being a breeder of cashmere goats, I will tell you that you really need to have at least 8-10 Cashmere goats to really start to make a profit.
So far my daughter has made $1938.00 for her goats and the fiber that we have sold, plus the buck services. I am lucky enough to find a spinner in Michigan that buys all my fiber after it is cleaned and dehaired. She spins it with Alpaca.
Right now we have just 15 but at the last show we placed all the goats and most were in the top three. Plus we had the Grand Champion doe and the Reserve Champion Doe. there were a total of 372 Cashmere goat at this show. So it also depends on the quality of your goats.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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