Proof my husband is a keeper.

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    Jan 31, 2010
    I bought a used milking stand. OMG how did i live without one since March?? I will NEVER go without one EVER again! It makes everything sooo easy!! My goats haven't even freshened and i am already emotionally bonded to my milk stand, lol.

    Anyway, each of the goats gets their breakfast and dinner on the stand. Parsley, my buck, gets brushed and his scrotum gets bagbalmed because it is scabby at the bottom like he has bug bites. The does get a tiny bit of bag balm on their teats then brushed, just to get them used to being handled so when they freshen it won't be a huge fight. The twins HATE having their teats handled but are getting better. I MAY actually get milk out of them, though I am not convinced they will tolerate it enough for me to keep them as milk goats. Which is fine. I plan to keep Sage (who does great having her teats handled) and a doe kid by my MiniMancha buck(if I have any) from one of the three does as milk goats in the future and the others can just have meat babies for me and be loved on themselves. I only want to milk goats who like it or at least accept it willingly.

    Anyway, I feed them in the order that they come to the gate, which happens to be REVERSE order of their standing in the herd but the exact order of their names (Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, Thyme being herd queen). I was just finishing up with Parsley when my husband came out to have a smoke. He noticed the back legs of the stand were a bit wobbly so instead of smoking he came over to look at them.

    "Watch it, Parsley is in rut, and he is quite aromatic."

    Tsu, my husband, leaned forward and sniffed. He was RIGHT by Parsley's sticky pee covered face... "He has a smell but it doesn't smell BAD. I mean, it's getting strong but it isn't like... offensive or anything, just musky. I wouldn't want to wear it like a body spray but but it doesn't STINK or anything."


    OK, I admit, I think most bucks smell strong while in rut but I don't find the smell gross at all. I mean cow or pig poo is WAY worse than buck in rut IMO. But most folks smell a buck and just go nutty about how bad they stink. I smell a buck and smile because I love goats, and the smell, while not pleasant, is very goaty and not totally UN-pleasant to me either. translation: it's not my favorite smell either but in a weird way i kinda like it. It makes me think of happy health goats and baby goaties and my super sweet lovable smelly bucky boy.

    If I wasn't somewhat covered in goat pee at that moment (I got caught in the cross fire when Parsley was showing off for the girls) I would have hugged my husband.

    He doesn't think buck goats "stink", just that they have an aroma. lol. Yup, definitely a keeper!! :eek:hlala:
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    Absolutely a KEEPER! Good for you!

    Up til a year ago, my hubby INSISTED that I enter through the basement and drop my buck perfumed clothes in the washer before I went into the house! After almost 17 years though I think he knows now that he has to "deal" with it :laugh:

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    LOL...cute story!

    And I wouldn't worry much about the girls not wanting their teats handled...most dry does hate to have them touched. I never mess with my dry does udders and have never had any trouble milking them when they freshened. After they give birth they'll usually just let you milk's pretty cool! :)
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    :hi5: :thumb: Yep... a keeper for sure.... :thumbup: