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    Apr 4, 2008
    what do you use 2 protect your goats?? does it help protect your goats much?

    i got an alpaca a couple of weeks back. im pretty upset though because hey has dark blue eyes the lady we got him off.. never told us.. and we are sure hes deaf.. i want to get more alpacas in the future though as pets/guards. i just wish the lady was honest. you can on see the blue in the light.:(.. anyway.. i dont think he'll help to much on his own.. maybe protect them from foxes.
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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Did you speak to her about the "problem"? Maybe she'll exchange him. Is he "intact"? I've heard they must be gelded or they can be a problem with the girls. Also, he should be at least 18 months old to even start acting like a guard.

    We have a large red fox around here, he's been eating my chickens, I'm really upset about it, I had a nightmare that he had my Nigerian doeling, and I was trying to pull her away from him!
    I just happened to go out about 2:30pm, yesterday and there he was about to pounce on another chicken, I didn't see him till he moved, we got there about the same time! I called hubby, but he was too far away and didn't see him. He ran off empty handed when he saw me, guess I'll have to start carrying my rifle.

    So, now we are thinking about a guardian. We put the mini horses and bucks in the back pastures, that should help as they are definately "canine aggressive". But, it's spring and the "lush" grass (if it ever comes up) could cause trouble for them, so I don't feel like I can leave them out 24/7.

    Hubby wants a Great Pyr, but, he'd probably end up in the house, and they bark, and dig big holes. I want a mini-llama, bigger then an alpaca, but I'd have to have 3 as my place is cut up into seperate pastures.

    So, let us know how your alpaca does (I've been researching them for several years now but can't get hubby on board, ssshhh).

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    Mar 30, 2008
    WE had an alpaca....after we got him we were told that you really need something to protect an alpaca...they tend to be scared of everything...He was in with the chickens and he did not deter the night raids of the coons/weasels???? He was about 5 and intact...We did hear that if you want a guard, get a Llama???? just thought I would add what I had heard....We no longer have him....we use live traps and have been pretty sucessful...As for my goats...we have coyotes pretty bad in our area so I've got them behind game fence etc plus I think the Buffalo and elk deter them LOL
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    Oct 9, 2007
    Alpacas are not guard animals, Llamas are. We have a young male llama that is a great goat guard. We have alpacas too, and another llama to guard them. We did try goats with the alpacas and the alpaca chased the goats and wanted to mount them. Our bucks are ok with the alpacas though, they bicker right back at them, but the does would just try to avoid them, and get harrased. Your alpaca may not be deaf, just dumb like most alpacas.
    I really like the llamas though. If you look for one, remember that there are vast personality differences. Not every llama can be a guard! Some just don't care, or are scared, others are overzealous guards and will try to protect their goats from the owners, lol. Though I think that is a bit rare. :)
    When we got the two llamas, we got a 10 yr female to guard the goats, she had been with goats before, and we also got a yearling male llama that was in 4-H so my kids could mess with him. Well, ended up the female just didn't really care about our goats, and the young male bonded with them. So the female llama is our with the alpacas and the bucks. :)
    Oh, and we have not heard the coyotes in months now.
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    Oct 7, 2007
    Maybe the seller didn't know he was deaf.
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    Oct 16, 2007
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    My llama also does great with my goats, althought it did take till he was over year old. But whenever a strange dog or anything comes around he rounds up the goats and puts himself in the front and if the dog or anything goes to close to the fence he will run up to the fence with his head down. The other day I watched him chase a groundhog out before I could shoot it. We had a problem with fox but haven't seen any in awhile. Hes on the small side for llama but without a doubt I feel better with him in there. Just thought I would pass that on. Cathy