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Puppies Due October 1st (CAN SHIP)

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:baby: Maremma Puppies due October 1st, 2013 :boy:

Hi everyone, wanted to let you know Sophia is expecting approx. 6-9 puppies. We aretaking deposits.
As of 8/29/13 three are reserved. We can ship airfreight or delivery drive.

Visit the webpage showing photos, etc:

We would possibly consider trading a pup for PB French Alpine, equal value trade.:D
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TY, Karen :)....are you SURE 3 dogs is enough for your place:whatgoat:
With the way things have been going lately, YES! :D
you have some great dogs! would love one some day.....
you have some great dogs! would love one some day.....
TY for your compliment, we have been really blessed. Maremmas are'd really be happy when you get one someday. Do you have Maremma breeders in that part of the world?
haha! no lgd's here! but i'm moving back to Canada next year, and restarting a herd there in a few years. so for now, i'm learning all I can about them.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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