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Born on 4/11/13, doeling sister. Located in Leesburg, GA, near Albany, GA. Weaned. He is not registered yet, it was a mishap. The sire was a young buckling (9 months) that is still in the process of being registered. If bought registration papers will be sent immediately.

Dam: The Traipsing Bambi
Description: Out of milk in picture. Yet another mishap. She wasn't raised correctly and is back-end shy, something we are working on. When first freshened she made a full gallon of milk a day. We stopped milking her, and she got sick, so she dried up a lot.

Buckling already shows signs of being a good herd sire, if you know what I mean ;). He is a calm buckling as well, for his age, and has already been socialized with dogs and people. He already leads as well. Asking $300 or best offer.

Confo 002.jpg

Confo 004.jpg


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