Purebred, Registered Nigerians and Nubians in Ea. WA/N. ID

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    10 week old, weaned, solid black Blue eyed Nigerian doeling. Very correct $250

    5 Year old nubian in milk (milking over a gallon a day), SUPER SUPER doe!!!!!! 3*M SG. Excellent udder! Could be shown, Just need to cut back $300

    1 year old Nigerian buck, great dairy bloodlines and structure, first babies on the way, he is just very small and wont stay in my fencing (it is set up for the bigger goats) and I am afraid he will get into trouble. $300

    6 year old, Buckskin Nigerian doe. Phantasma Bloodlines, very correct $150 (or $250 bred)

    Also more nigerian babies on the way (Odeon Bloodlines!!!)
    Please email for photos and pedigrees, I just dont have the time to post them all right now. More information can be found on my webpage www.jbasqonubians.webs.com as well.
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    Re: Purebred, Registered Nigerians and Nubians in Ea. WA/N.

    Forgot to add my email!!
    Please email direct at [email protected]