Purebred Saanen herd dispersal, Illinois

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    Oct 5, 2007
    We have decided to disperse our Saanens so that we can concentrate more on our LaMancha and Oberhasli breeding program. These Saanens are purebred, and if I could I would like to sell them to somebody who would also try and keep them and their offspring purebred. I have one buck and 6 does.
    *B Singing-Spruce CPA Ptingl Turk AI YSA 0-05 +VEc overall + $500 firm
    http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx ... S001499242

    Turk is a very nice buck who should mature to be a very large buck. He is very masculine, yet dairy. His kids are more level in the topline, longer, with better feet, legs and rumps than their dams. I will not sell Turk until all of the does listed below are bred. You can see pics of Turk and his dam here: http://s580.photobucket.com/albums/ss24 ... farm/turk/

    Singing-Spruce RL Ptinsel $500
    http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx ... S001463752

    Tina is a 2 year old 1st freshener who was milked through this past winter. She has matured into a lovely doe, she has great dairy character and body capacity and a very nice mammary which will look even nicer with another freshening.

    Tradewinds Lucky's Victoria 1-05 85+EE+ $400
    http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx ... S001485207

    Tori is also a 1st freshening 2 year old that was milked through. She is very correct, taller than Tina but not as long, she has a nice mammary and is very easy to milk. See her full sister, SGCH Tradewind's Lucky's Valerie here: http://www.tradewindsdairygoats.com/category/does/

    Sandy Lane MA Vanessa 0-04 V+V overall V $250
    http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx ... S001485206

    Dry yearling, very long and tall, should be very nice when she freshens.

    Singing-Spruce Phoenix Ptess 0-02 V+V overall A $250
    http://adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx ... S001485208

    Dry yearling, not as long as I'd like to see but still nice, she is a slower maturing doe like her dam.

    I also have a first freshener out of Tori, she is purebred but not registered since the breeder did not want her registered under her herd name. She is $150 and can be registered as 50% Saanen. She has a very nice udder. I also have her daughter from this year out of Turk that can be registered as 75% Saanen for $175.

    Please email me [email protected] if interested.
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    Oct 5, 2007
    Forgot to say, we are in northern IL, an hour and a half west of Chicago, 2 hours east of the Quad Cities, and 2 hours south of Madison, WI. :)