Putting more weight on a Lamancha buck?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Mamaof4girls, Mar 8, 2019.

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    May 1, 2016
    Hello goat friends! We're into our 4th year of raising Lamanchas, and this past fall finally bought a fine buckling to service our does and hopefully improve our stock. The wet summer last year didn't produce great hay, but we have some that is of fair quality- the main deficiency is the low 11% protein (we had it tested) We were told this was pretty typical and resulted from the wet growing conditions. Combine the mediocre hay with this wet winter, and, we have a struggle keeping weight on our gang. We grain each animal individually twice a day and give unlimited hay, and have a mineral block. We've ruled out a parasite infestation by having fecal egg count done on each animal at a lab, and they're healthy otherwise. So I guess the problem is with what/how we're feeding.

    I'll take any advice on how to keep all of them at a healthy weight, but since we're new to owning bucks, my most pressing question is how do we bulk him up a bit?

    He's not severly underweight but does look a bit slimmer than he did this fall. We give him 1 small coffee can of Kalmbach 16% textured goat feed twice daily. He also has free access to hay and mineral block in his enclosure. He has a great pedigree, and we'd like to take him to a few shows this summer. We want to help him look his best.
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    Goats do better on loose minerals than a single block. They just can't lick it enough to get the right amount of minerals. Have you tried giving some black oil sunflower seeds with his grain? That adds fat to the diet.

    A lot of bucks get lean during rut and with good care, regain their weight and condition over the summer.

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    May 1, 2016
    Sunflower seeds! Great suggestion. Do you have a suggestion for loose minerals? We use to provide it that way, but the does wouldn't touch it so we switched to blocks. They do lick the blocks down. I also forgot to add that we also give each goat a dose of replamin plus once a week.
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    And welcome, fellow goat lover!
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    Can you weigh your coffee can of feed and tell us how many pounds per day he is getting? And also how much does the goat weigh now?
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