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My friend has a 3 year old Nubian goat who will not eat. It started last night with her rumen full of water that was slushing around. Both sides of her body were larger than normal.
We figured that she was bloated so gave her gas-x and also probiotic.after an hour, she belched one time and up chucked some water. She was grinding her teeth( in pain) and her rumen side was massaged for a while.
Today, she is still not eating but is urinating and drinking water. Don't think she is grinding her teeth. Hay is offered but she is not interested. Her poop is one blob, like toxicity. Just in case, my friend is treating her with Di- Methox.
We are baffled not knowing what is really wrong. We felt that she was bloated last night but not sure what is going on today.
Anyone have some insight on this?

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Eneteretoxemia possibly? I don't think Dimethox is labeled for goats or sheep, if it is toxicity, we would use MOM (milk of magnesia) it is natural, so it won't hurt the animal if it isn't toxicity. If it was toxicity, she could just be expelling the toxics she consumed through the poops. Be sure not to feed her grain for the next few days in case it was toxicity, or even serious bloat. Is her rumen soft again? Is she eating grass? If anything, grass is preferred over hay, but hay is alright too, just not grain. Instead of grain she could get a handful of alfalfa pellets/cubes because they are made of grass.
Hope I helped, I am running on a similar situation that happened with our wether.
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