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I have a male pygmy goat who appears be black sable with recessive solid black genetics, as I bred him to my badgerfaced lamancha and they had a single solid black doe, so Ive assumed both were recessive black carriers.

My other ladies are all brown badgerfaced dairy girls of nubian and alpine backgrounds that have beautiful shades of tan and black-picked because I love the deer like look.

The weird part is that babies are all little white badgerface/caramels. They maintain the badger.carmally pattern, with black faces, legs and dorsal stripe, but instead of having their mom's beautiful tan coats, they are all almost stark white. So far it is six out of seven babies with this color pattern out of three different does, so I have to assumed his is carrying some sort of dilution gene?

From what Ive read the phaemelanin color genes should be if you breed two goats wthat have similar Ph shades, the babies have the same shade, so what's up with this fellow white caramel/badgerfaced babies??
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