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I am not the best "rider" but I have done alot of trail riding in my day. My family and I wanted to get a horse to be part of the family and to do just plain trail riding... or back yard riding.
I have the opportunity of getting an older horse for the family. The horse Is a 19 yr old gelding who is almost 16H. But it's a retired barrel racer. I was told that he has been in rodeo all it's life and they just retired him from barrel racing this past spring.
My question is can a retired barrel racer be a good trail horse. I have asked several people their opinion in this matter and 1/2 said it can be possible and the other 1/2 said it's not.. reason being is it can stop so quickly and make quick turns that we could fall off. Is this true? Can retired barrel racers be a good backyard and trail riding horses??? Advice wanted... thanks!!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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