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I am not up on all the mini breeds but I know that the ears being small is a big part of the breeding program.

here is a link to the MDGA website with some good information

Mini LaMancha -
Mini LaManchas can carry more fleshing than the swiss breeds. They have a straight face and any color
and combinations are allowed with frosted ears and nose permitted. Their distinctive ears are described
as follows: Gopher ears have a maximum length of one inch with little or no cartilage. Elf ears have a
maximum length of two inches with cartilage allowed. Bucks must have gopher ears to be entered into
the purebred registry. Blue eyes are allowed.
Maximum height preferred guidelines:
Experiments (first, second & third generations) are 30" for does and 32" for bucks.
Americans (fourth, fifth & sixth generations) are 29" for does and 31" for bucks
Purebreds must be 28" for does and 30" for bucks
Found that information here:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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