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I have a couple does that have runny noses and mild cough's.
They had low fevers (103.9º) in the morning. I started them on
Tylan -200. (I have good luck with that antibiotic for mild stuff).

Both does are milking- and both have kids on them.
One of the kids, naturally, got a runny nose- I am watching him, taking
his temp. etc. Since he is nursing from his mom, who is on antibiotics, will
he get too high a dose if I have to give him any?

I haven't had this problem crop up and just wondered. We always pull the kids before this, but with my mother's death and all that entailed, I just couldn't milk everyone. The kids are 3 months old, maybe I should just wean them!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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