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    Oct 5, 2007
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    In general about how long will a baby fight being put on a bottle? I haven't had to bottle raise a baby yet, but was wandering if they do like most other animals and fight it for the first day or so??

    Also, for minis, does everyone just use a needle to poke a hole in the end? Or do you usually try to snip a small X in it?

    I have been working on my kidding kit, and I think I have almost got everything in order. I am just asking questions as I think of them so I will be as closely to being prepared as possible if/when I might have to bottle feed. I am planning on trying to get some colostrum to freeze out of my next Doe that kids with a single. If the girl I have up in the barn only has a single then she should have plenty to spare a little (already has a nice size udder).
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    This is what I would do if I had to pull one.

    Pull at night and try to feed first thing in morning. Usually they are hungry and do not fight long. If they do fight then I wait a few hours and try again. If they are young like a few days old they do not fight much at all. I bought a 1 week old just taken off mom years ago at a flea market around 10 am and didnt try to feed till around 6 pm and she took about 2 seconds to latch on and took to it like a champ but I had other bottle babies and she saw them eating. If you wait till they are older it is very hard but if there is no other option like the dam dies and they are a few weeks old then take them into a stall or the house and offer them nothing but the bottle every few hours till they learn and are eating from bottle for a few days then you can reintroduce hay and feed. If they have hay and feed in front of them while learning to eat from the bottle it is much harder.

    As far as nipples go the pitchart nipple which is red with yellow cap is the best as it is long and soft. If you use a baby bottle then go with the silicone nipple that already has an X for the opening. They are soft like mom too.