Question about feed troughs and loose mineral

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by HoosierShadow, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. HoosierShadow

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    Apr 19, 2010
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    Just curious what kind of feed setup you all have? We've been using temp things to feed our goats in until we get something more permanent.

    Also, I just bought a bag of loose mineral - we were using a horse mineral block but were told it's really bad for them.
    I was going to get a mineral block but they were $10, for a block, and I got a 50lbs bag of loose for $22.50.
    I wasn't sure what i should put it in, so for now I just bought a bucket I can hang up. Eventually we'll put mineral in a couple of places. I want to be able to move it around - I keep our goats outside at all times unless weather is going to be bad <rain/storms/cold/etc>. So if it rains I can move it inside.

    We feed our goats seperately too - Our doe who just kidded is in one stall, and I feed our youngest doe and buckling in the other stall - in an old kitchen cooking pan LOL But little Boe is starting to be a bully... And soon my other doe will be occupying this stall as she is about to kid.

    So today I bought one of those goat feeding troughs from Tractor Supply. I am going to try and rig it up on my fence, or we'll make a stand to mount it on, so we can start feeding those two outside.

    Eventually we will make a couple of goat houses just big enough for the goats to be inside, and I want to rig it up where a feeder is inside, and I can pour the feed from the outside. That's my idea anyway, not sure we'd do it or not...
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    We free choice the grass hay. We have huge bales and we take a loader and drop them over the fence...we usually put one or two out in the pen every month. For the alfalfa though I actually use hog panels flipped over so the big squares are on the bottom and put the hay on one side so they stick their heads through to eat. I used t-posts and then just wired them up and there ya go. For larger breeds you'd have to use cattle panels or possibly cut bigger holes for their heads to fit through. But for my nigerians the hog panels work really well. I've heard though that they it can create rub markes on the goats necks, but so far we haven't had that problem.

    For our minerals I have two different brands...purina and sweetlix. I usually mix them and then put them in a small feeding trough near their water. I also put a goat protein block out there, but they eat it like candy so I usually just have about 2 a month for them. Then we have another small feeder with a little scoop of minerals and mostly baking soda mixed together which is near their feeder. They seem to eat more of that with the minerals in there.

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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I have 2 PVC pipe feeders for in the buck shed and one in the doe shed...a small pail hangs beside the doe's mineral feeder for baking soda, I give the boys a half cup in the feed trough when they've been on green browse all day, they don't get BS free choice.
    My does are grained individually on the milk stand, preggy or lactating..dry does get a handful fed out of my hand individually.
    Bucks have the trough from TSC...each gets their ration in it and I wait til they are finished so I make sure each gets their own.
    I have cattle panels cut in half length wise and nailed against the wall inside each shed for hay as well as one outside against the fence for hay.