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Discussion in 'Kidding Koral' started by TinyHoovesRanch, Sep 5, 2010.

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    So My doe Hollywood kidded August 31st. I wasnt there but my mom made sure everything was ok. She only had one tiny girl. She is really small for a single, she looks like a runt. Im kinda worried about her because shes soooooo small. She doesnt even weigh 2 pounds yet. So I was wondering if there is anything special I shoud do for her?
    Im probably just a worried goat mom, I worry too much. She is walking around and gets bouncy just like any other baby her age. Shes super cute and playful. Im thinking about giving her a little bottle of milk every few days to help her grow, she keeps bumping and sucking on me like she wants a bottle so maybe that would help? To let her be dam raised but give her the extra milk a few times a week?

    I really had NO idea my doe was due this early. She was supossed to kid in november, BUT there was one day for not even 30 minutes that the bucks got into the doe pen but I swore she wasnt in heat, guess she was.
    Anyway I took her to County Fair at the end of may, she was about a month preggo when I took her. Maybe this is why her baby is so small?
    I feel super bad but i wouldnt of taken her if I knew....
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    I don't think you're bringing her to the fair at 1 month of pregnancy would've affected the kid.
    I would keep an eye on her weight to make sure that she is gaining though & watch to make sure she is nursing. Maybe the mom isn't producing enough milk?? Bottlefeeding may be a really good idea in this situation. It's really good that she is bouncy & doesn't seem to have any other problems. Keep us up-dated!

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    I did notice the momma doesnt have alot of milk. Shes nursing alot and seems to be getting milk out but the udder looks like it has been nursed on for a month, it doesnt have alotof capacity. Im going to go in every few days and bottle feed. I was going to sell her but right now shes retained so I can watch her and make sure she grows! I will totally keep you updated :) thanks!
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Laura, you'd be surprised at just how well a mom without a capacious udder can raise kids....if this baby is energetic and being a normal kid I wouldn't interfere, I had a similar situation with my Angel and her FF as well as her 2nd, she has a small meaty udder and I feared that she wouldn't make enough to feed her kids. She did great, I noticed that with both freshenings her first was a single doe, 2nd was twin bucks...those kids were on her every 1/2 hour, I learned that the more they nursed the more she made, she was never tight and full because she no sooner "filled" than her kids were taking it.

    Seriously, unless this baby acts sluggish I wouldn't bottle feed, if you fill her belly with even one bottle, she won't nurse her mom and it will end up telling mom to not make as much. Angels kids left at 8 weeks old, the doeling weighed 20 lbs and each of her bucks weighed 25lbs....they of course were eating on their own a good bit at that age too.
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    Ok for now I wont. If I see that shes not producing anymore milk then I will bottlefeed. Just want to make sure shes ok! Shes so sweet and acts like she wants to be a bottle baby, its really cute!

    Thanks Liz! OH BTW Bewitched Kidded 2 days ago with one boy and one girl.My friend wanted to keep her, but I guess she didnt prolapse and had an easy kidding
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Glad to hear that Bewitched is ok...didn't she have triplets her last time?

    Just watch the little doe, if she seems to be the slight bit "off", get her a bubby...til then, I'm sure Holly will do just fine with feeding her.
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    Ya she had triplets last kidding and then twins this time....

    Ok thanks! She looks like she had 5 siblings and she was the runt! But ya shes pretty wild, she does everything the other babies do shes just half there size lol