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Question about Levamisole and "white worms"

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So I brought home a very special Nigerian doe baby on Sunday and when I picked her up the breeder said that she had wormed her with Levamisole about a week prior.

Once a week someone comes to help clean stalls and paddocks (I work and this helps out a lot with 30 goats) and she noticed that when this new doe pooped that there were white worms in the poop.

I don't know a lot about worms because I haven't had any problems but I am thinking this was probably a tapeworm? Are there other white worms that show up in poop?

So I have the following at home: Panacur (Safeguard is the generic form of Panacur) and I have Valbazen.......can I safely worm her again? I know nothing about Lavamisole.....if so which should I use? I know the dosage for both but if I use the Valbazen should I do three days of treatments?

Also she is in with her new "sisters" so how catchy is this for them? Will I need to give them all a round of Valbazen as well?

UGGGG! I hate new goats! Even "famous" breeders have worms so I know it's to be expected but it is so deflating to have these things happen. Also she had a bad year with barberpole worms.......any thoughts on that?

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Are these rice shaped sections or tiny worms that look like pieces of thread? If the later, Ivermetin is the wormer of choice. Valbazen is not recommended as it can increase the inflammation they are causing.
Thread worms have a free living stage so bedding should be burned to avoid them getting into your ground. These worms can be passed through mothers milk.
I haven't seen them myself.......I will email my helper and see what she says.......I just assumed they were tapes.....

Would I wait to treat the other doe kids? If it is tapes how contagious is that? Are thread worms something that are geographically everywhere? I live in New Hampshire.....
Tapes are pretty contagious among little ones because they are always tasting everything and getting the mite hosts in their mouths.

Thread worms are geographically all over the world. They are also called pin worms and affect all mammals including humans. Most animals build a resistance to them so that they don't become an issue. Some however, do get affected.
I understand that Zimectrin Gold will take care of tapes and pinworms/threadworms....... thoughts anyone?

Also, do I wait to treat the others or treat them since they will be in the same paddock and stall with this new girl?
Oh my helper said that they were ricelike in description and also stuck to the back of her legs.......if this helps in identifying them.
That does sound like tapes and yes Zimmetrin gold would do both. Better to do a three day treatment for tapes though. If wanted you could use the gold day1 and then the Panacure day 2 and 3 to cover all bases. Or just do Panacure for 3 days. Pin/thread worm is distinctive, that's not what she is describing.
If this one is in quarantine I would just get rid of the worms in her before she leaves isolation.
I had her isolated for three days but I couldn't stand to hear her crying I let her join the other doe what is the best way to deal with this now? Wait a week or two and treat all the other little girls?

Thanks for the information. I have been very fortunate and not dealt with worms for the most part. I have been worming twice a year (fall and right after the doe kids or spring if not pregnant) and have not had any problems.....but I also understand that my property is only a few years into goats so I don't have as many issues as I probably will going forward.....that is why I am so unhappy about bringing these home....
I would treat them all once a month until the first freeze. The freeze will kill the eggs and the mite hosts that spread them. Make sure to rake up as many of the egg cases as you can to keep the mites from eating them.

They are spread by the mites that cause "grass rash".
thanks long before I treat them for the first time?
Go ahead and do it now. The Panacur is very gentle and won't hurt anything.
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