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    HI everyone-

    the story: on Tuesday a neighbor said his brother goats had babies and he was taking his granddaughter to look at them because she wanted one and since I am the 4H leader, I got to go along to check them out too.. well when we get there we see one and a mom with a bag the size of a cow utter... it was huge.. the baby tied to nurse but the mom was like no way...

    we tired to catch the mom but all his goats and sheep are pretty much wild... well when the owner got home he said there should be another one some where they were twins, we found him almost dead I ran them both to a friends who lived close by, but by the time we got there is a was little late for the boy, but the girl took to a bottle like you would not believe and drank some colostrum right down..

    by the time we got back to the other farm they had caught the doe ( I would have LOVED TO seen that it-- is about 15 arces and two men in their late 60 trying to catch a Doe who did not want to be caught) any ways they caught her and milk her got a 144 oz...

    so needless to say I have the baby and the grandpa took the mom ( but she got out of the stall and is now running free in the woods)

    Okay sorry for the long story:

    Now the Problem/Question:

    now the baby was born on Monday and we got her Tuesday night and I have yet to see her Poop.. she weighted 7 lbs 4 oz on Tues night and we are feeding her 4 oz every 3 hrs.. and it is the milk they got from her mom...

    should we be worried and what do we do, I will give her some pepto when she wakes up this morning, and see if that helps and other thoughts..

    he has one more doe due this week and i am going to go get that baby to and grandpa is going to milk the mother, and then he says he is getting out of goats- he said sheep are so much easier...

    thanks in advance