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I am 13 years old and am looking into getting Pygmy Goats. What chores would I have to do to take care of a pygmy goat and the costs of these daily, monthly or annually chores.

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You need a good sized pen, remember a goat always needs a friend!

-Sweet Feed: $13
-Whole Oats: $12
-Minerals: $11
-Hay (Alfalfa)

You need an emergency kit with:
-Blue Kote
- Kid Milk Supplement
- CD&T

It's a lot of work you have to feed them, take them out in the mornings and put them away at night, remember to refill water buckets, clean stalls, feed them and vaccinate. Goats are very expensive.

But the truth is they are great pets and great cuddlers :laugh:

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pygmy goat care is the same as any other goat care really.

are you looking to have them for breeders or just some wethers as pets? The cost and work involved will differ.

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Pets or for breeding?

Costs will vary depending on your location, your herd size, and individual animals. Definately not a one size fits all type thing.

Some basic chores you'll need to do...

Feeding at least 2x daily.
Watering as needed, they should never run out.
Cleaning their pen of manure as needed.
Trimming hooves...needs to be done every 2-3 months.
Deworming...needs to be given as needed. Some herds rarely deworm...just depends.
Vaccinations...if you choose to vaccinate. Some people don't.

They should have a good sized pen with a dry, draft free shelter. Fencing should be strong enough to keep them in and predators out. They need good quality hay and goat specific loose minerals.
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