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My new horse lunges ok on her left side but she has issues lunging to the right. She refuses to cooperate. When lunging to the right on the line she rears up, faces me, then plants her feet on the groung not willing to move. I have tried to to be persistant. But I am upset with myself that she "won". Which i can anticipate our future lunging experience to be the same. I have looked up info on You Tube but I can't find anything that is similar to my situation. Any ideas on how to get her to lunge correctly on her right side without testing me? I need to "win" here so she knows that I am the alpha.
She may not be "testing" you. She could have a problem with a leg, foot, hip, or stifle that is causing pain or discomfort when she goes to the right. Do you have a good farrier or vet? I would get her checked out before trying to "win" in this situation.

We had a gelding that did everything beautifully to the right, but would balk when asked to do much of anything to the left. We took him to the vet and had his leg and foot x-rayed and turns out he had broken a couple of the small bones (sesmoid?) in his fetlock. He balked going to the left because it hurt to back up, pivot, turn to the left, etc. We had him put down because the vet said he could step off a high spot, and break his foot off - literally!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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