Question-pack saddle fitting.

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    Jul 12, 2013
    Thanks Karen. I deleted my post about it as well :)
  2. Where does one find more information about these goats?
    I am somewhat new to goats and goat packing... I have been looking into it for a while, and it is still some time yet before my kids are really ready for it (they love tagging along now, but they just follow like puppies, they are too young to really carry anything.)

    One of mine is an orphan who is likely to stay smaller (Oberhasili size most likely) I would definitely be interested in something larger (she is a rescued orphan who LOVES coming along... I want to breed her to something to upgrade her offspring when they get older.

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    Well, the goat in the picture is copper deficient and has chronic selenium deficiency. I wouldn't expect him to pack anything anywhere. Too big of goats have more problems than too small of goats.
  4. The one in the photo isn't mine, I think it just piggybacked on the quote I was using.
    My current goats are babies, so they won't be doing any real packing any time soon, they are mostly my hiking buddies.

    This is my little herd (the oldest is 3 months and the little one, who will likely be the biggest, is 2 weeks!)

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    You can tell this from that photo?
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    Red tipped hairs and pasturns
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    red tipped hair = copper ?
    pastern = selenium ?
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    Yep, they also work together though. The general rough unkept look to the goat and the bad growth pattern of his hind hoofs also show lack of both minerals.