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Ok so one of my goats had twin does and she is wild so I cant catch her.. she wont feed one of her babies so she is not growing very well. Would the baby be ok if I fed her cows mik right out of the tank? (We milk cows so its quite simple) thanks in advance :)
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Yes, that should be fine. I would start that ASAP before you lose her.
Ok thanks :)
just be sure not to over feed her...her tummy should feel firm, not sunken or pooching : ) best wishes
I agree
Does it change anything if she is 2 months old? And super skinny
At 2 months it may be difficult to get get to take a bottle. Start her slow so as not to shock her system. At 2 months she should be eating enough solids to sustain her. Not sure I would mess with the cows milk. Simply because it's going to be a fight, unless you've already had her on a bottle.
Well i dont know what else to do shes so skinny!
Catch her, pen her, feed her good hay and start her on a little grain.
I agree, she needs a good hay, and needs to be started on a good grain one that has 16-18% protein, and she should be worked up to 2lbs of grain a day.
If she takes a bottle , that's good, but at two months she can be weaned, I do like to wean at twelve weeks old ideally though.
If it's too much of a hassle to get her on a bottle, don't worry about it, hay and grain will get her picking up weight and growing just fine.

Make sure she isn't full of worms or coccidia, if she is, treat accordingly.
I treated her for worms but not for cocci we bought them at a sale that is why they are so wild all of goats are very tame even though I have 40 I still play with them all.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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