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Discussion in 'Show Circuit' started by Goat Crazy, May 10, 2010.

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    Feb 8, 2010
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    I am planning to try and go to a WRDGA show on the 22nd of May and I have a couple of questions.

    How soon do you start training your goats for show? Also, how long do you work with them? I have been working with them for 15min. once a day, but since the show is in 2 weeks and they still aren't ready I am planning on working with them 20 min. twice a day, would this be to much for them?

    What should I expect? Do I just show up and they will check my goats and then once they okay them do I then take them to a pen?

    The entry forum has to be there by 21st you can also take your animals that night too, should I mail the entry forum in or take it on the 21st? Also, how do you send the entry fee? Do you give it to them when you check in or mail it to them with the forum. Does anybody know if they accept a check if I mail it in?

    If anybody has any extra advice on WRDGA shows I would appreciate it.