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you will find that goats learn very fast - every thing, the good and the bad. I would keep the training short and interesting. A goat wanting to walk in front of you is one of the most common things you have to re-train. But to keep her on a lead rope until she has managed that wouldn't be my approach. I would train her to walk behind me off lead. A whirling rope or walking stick helps, to make your boundaries clear.

Kids: I look at how much the dam and other goats, especially the buck, tolerate from the kids at what age. When they are very young they have a free pass for almost everything and as they mature the older goats will react to unruly behaviour.

To let the goats climb on you: I only encourage it while I sit and only as long as they are gentle. If they get nasty, the get a shove and I stand up, ending the playtime. I almost never encourage climbing while I stand (only with the really, really shy ones whom I want to overcome their fear of humans and therefore allow much more body contact involving behaviour).

Rubbing: depends on what she makes of it. It's a bit of a balance act between a goat that can turn dominant because you allow the rubbing or a goat that shows its affection but doesn't overstep the boundaries. As long as she stays friendly, not tries to horn you, butt you or get otherwise nasty, still gives way to you when you ask it, see if you can allow her this sign of affection.
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