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I am dam raising two 3-wk old bucklings that I want to train to pack along with their mother Truffles. I read that if you are dam raising you should be spending a lot of time with them letting them climb and mouth you to help them bond with you. Is this true? Or am I inadvertently training them things that I will have to un-train later? At what age do you divide between the kids just playing and them challenging your dominance?

Is training goats like training dogs in the sense that you don't move on to the next lesson until you have the first one down backwards and forwards? For example my goat Truffles will already follow me on walks off lead but occasionally will run ahead. Should I keep on lead until I've taught that she should always walk behind me? Or is ok to let do what she can and work with her on what she doesn't do that she should? How soon should I assert the walk behind rule with the babies? How do I enforce it?

I recently started putting a pack on the doe. When we stop for grazing on our walks she will come over and rub against me. How do I teach her that she isn't allowed to do that?

Thank you for any input you have.
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