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I have a doe I bought back, gosh, maybe 3 years ago..
She had 2 kids on her then (born in Dec), but theyve been sold off.

I havent bred her since because the buck I had when I got her was too short, then the next buck was just a disaster health wise, and so now we are here in the present

I got a buck that was shy of a year, I know hes fertile and can do the deed because I have a buckling out of him.

This doe is the herd queen, but I saw her come into heat twice. Each time she was rubbing all over him and being WAY affectionate for her...
The thing is, I just dont know how good he was at act the time she was in heat.

If it took the second time she came to heat her due date would have been Aug 1, so we would be (if the breeding took) 6 days past due (1 day if you count the 155)
Today, well actually the past couple, Ive noticed her laying down a lot, but today shes been laying down most of the morning.
She doesnt go out with the others to browse and just stays where they usually rest. Her tail looks slightly crooked and shes been wagging it a lot (but shes been doing that for almost a week now). She wont lift her tail so I can see if there is any discharge and she never lets me close to her (I seriously have to fake her out when I need her in my grasp)

I think shes a kiko/dairy mix so I wasnt sure if the last heat she had would be due to season, or if it was because it took.
Shes an older doe (6-8 years old maybe, I really have no clue) that has always had hollow sides, but her condition is good.. To me it looks like the bottom of her stomach has sagged a little over the months, but who knows if that is just wishful thinking
She actually has a pretty ugly udder that is hard to tell if it has any milk in it at all.
I probably shouldnt have bred her, but she absolutely adores kids (the goat kind) and being a mother so I thought Id let her be one more time.. (shes always worried about all the others does kids and its the baby sitter of the group)

Anyways, is it normal for older does to hold kids longer?
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