Queue the "Benny Hill" Theme (rantish)

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by Allipoe, Dec 4, 2010.

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    Sep 7, 2010
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    So we are just about done with everything here at my little farm (little being the operative word). Every paddock is gorgeous thanks to my husband being the fence master (we have nigerian dwarfs, and one Nubian..but the fences must be strong enough for the horse, he says!!). And the poultry has been moved to the garden paddock, where the new girls are spending their winter quarantining.

    Why the Benny Hill Theme, you ask? Feeding time. >.<

    I have four paddocks. Three of which I am using in the winter, as the other is far off and I have no desire to slog through too much muck or snow to get there. In paddock number one I have Art (oldmangoat, who had the terrible feet, hes a "rescue") the Nubian Wether, the ND wether kid, and the ND doeling who is too young to hang with the big girls and their buck friend. In the second paddock I have two full grown ND does, and their boyfriend ND Sam. And in the third paddock is the chickens, duck, and the two does who are QTed.

    Paddock number one is insane...as the little ones don't need all the high fat feed I give Art, as hes thin, old, and just plain rough looking. And they don't need that MUCH. But they want it. Badly. And Art, even though I make it into a nice yummy mash for him (WARMED!) eats half of it, and then wants to get at the babies. Hes tied up to eat just outside of the paddock, but the babies are not...

    Paddock number two is generally peaceful for feedings, except that one doe (Crazy Chili, we call her) is quite..well...feral. She won't let you touch her. Catching her for medicals and feet is always rather bonkers. So feeding time the buck and the other doe (Zipper) get tied...and eat like the lady and the gentleman that they are. Chili...runs around like a crazy person. But at least everyone gets their food, pretty much.

    Paddock number three is on part with paddock one. The girls are a bit shy, as they are new (particularly Petty, Cache is pretty friendly) and so like to share their bowls. I can't tie them just yet, as they are still flighty. And THEN the duck, who I have renamed from Dilly to Darkwing Duck because of her troublemaking skills, is in the other bowl. Eating goat food. And leading the chickens to anarchy instead of going into their nice pen to eat their CHICKEN FOOD. Goat food, much more appetizing.

    On top of all this crazy, if I set a bucket/bowl down to open a fence, my boxer dog is in there in a flash...eating as much livestock feed as she can gobble...even though there is plenty of food inside for her.


    So yeah. I am hoping everyone calms the heck down soon..and gets in the routine. So I don't keep having to spin in circles, waving my arms like a lunatic, and yelling at livestock. I know my neighbors have to think I am insane. Hehe. Ahem. I mean MORE insane.

    And now I get to worry about if my does are bred or not too..and kidding season...ahhh!!!
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    :wink: With goats....it doesn't get any better :slapfloor:

    Sounds like you have the perfect routine to feeding..it's having them allow you to follow thru that is the problem. As soon as my girls see me coming out the back door they start lining up at the shed steps and I have to push my way thru to get in. Once I'm inside though they pretty much know the feeding order, each of my does are milked a few weeks after freshening and they start getting fed on the stand about 2 months into pregnancy, they know their order too :laugh: ....after they're fed I head to the boys to feed and all 6 girls are tripping me trying to get the boys feed out of my hands so I have to have a few sections of hay in the other hand to distract them :ROFL:

    Hopefully, your critters manners will improve when it comes to feeding time, even a little bit :hug:

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    Sep 7, 2010
    Harford County, MD
    God -help- me when I get my stand finished and have to start doing that (with the ones I can catch...you couldn't pay me enough to milk Chili!!!)...that will likely spur a whole new set of insanity for me, I can bet...hehehe.
  4. toth boer goats

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    You have quite a neat setup going on there.... Love the Benny hill Theme LOL :laugh: :thumb:

    Be careful... about the dog eating the livestock feed.... if it has corn in it.... dogs cannot digest corn.... and some other stuff... made for livestock.... also if it has salt in it....that... isn't good for dogs either...so try to keep the dog away from it.... I know dogs love it...... but it is not good... :(
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    Apr 20, 2010
    Heehee! Love Benny Hill and can relate. My LGD loves alfalfa cubes. :sigh: And the goats and sheep (Moose I see you) loves dog food. The cat, Thor wants to see what Grumpy (LGD) got in his bowl (back porch) and the chickens and Jake the duck want Thor's food (front porch). Every step in duck poo when it's "almost" frozen? Cue the music.