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    After Sacajawea (my first milking ND doe) had her kids last year, she refused to eat and lost a ton of weight.
    I tried to give her free choice alfalfa pellets, but Daisy ended up being the one eating them as Saca only ate a mouthful then left. I put her on the milk stool three times a day in effort to get her to eat her grain and pellets, however, she refused to eat so mcuh as a few mouthfuls. Her milk production was quite good, however it took alot out of her, ands he had me going insane. ** in case you are wondering, I dried her up**
    I know I'm probably going to run into this again, but any tips on getting does like this to eat? ~
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    what a tough question,lots of goats are picky at what they eat, maybe adding something topdress would encourage her? like oatmeal, kelp or beets?

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    There will be some against this, but try adding some plain old blackstrap molasses to her ration, it's sticky and sweet and will entice her :wink: If you feed 2 cups grain mixed with alfalfa pellets, just add 1/4 cup to start with and mix it well, once she's eating well you can decrease it.
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    Bcomplex shots

    Calicium supplements