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    So we had a really scary night here saturday night. I was doing the last milk feeding for the kids and was down in the barn about eleven or so. was planning on going to bed after that sinse i had to work at ten this morning. Anyways i was the only one here. my parents were over at a friends house. So i was putting kids back in the stall after they ate. Juno and little bucky were already back in there. I was chasing down tilly and big bucky when i hear hooves slamming against the stall door (a cattle panel) and then a kid screaming. I turn around to see juno hanging upside down by her rear leg, she had tried to jump over and gotten her rear legs through rather then over. Her front end managed to get over. So i grab her to support her and she starts sqirming so bad i cant keep holding her. i heard her leg snap. i get her untangled and the leg is clearly broken and bent at a weird angle. i dont dare put her down in fear of her hurting herself more but moving and putting the bones through the skin. I race her up to the house in tears. The other three kids following me of course i couldnt get the door shut before they came in. So i have them bouncing all over the house and on the coffee table. I find the phone and call my moms friend to tell them i need someone to take me and juno to the vet now. Luckily they were only about ten minutes away. So then i call my vet of course he is in bed but i tell him ill be there in an hour. i had my dad hold juno until i got the rest of the kids rounded up and put away. Mom cant find her car keys so she finally finds them and were off. Its snowing so it was slow going. I held juno still in the backseat in my lap. Thankfully she was pretty good only moving and screaming a couple of times. So we get her to the vets and warm and get x rays it was a pretty clean break and we were able to set it and cast it quite easily. Took x rays again and it looks good. Its not going to heal perfect, she may end up being just a brood doe and may never make it into the ring. but well see. So now the poor girl has a cast from her foot to above her hock. the bottem portion rapped in bright pink vet wrap to keep it dry. She had a little bit of a tough time coming out of the anasthesia so i was up all night with her. She slept with me in my bed for awhile. I was terrified to go to sleep. so i drifted in and out of a real light sleep. but this morning she was up and alert and wanting her bottle. she is acting as normal as a month old baby can with a cast almost as heavy as she is.
    It seems as though she inherited her dads habbit of jumping fences.
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    Apr 4, 2008
    oh poor girl.. i hope it heals well. that would of been scary. hope all is well now.
    take care

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    Oct 18, 2007
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    I had a similar incident with a 7 week old bottle baby. She jumped off of a four wheeler and her leg got stuck in the metal on the front and she was hanging. Luckily we were there and saw it and picked her up also not letting her touch the ground. She also had a cast from the vets for 8 weeks. I bottle fed her longer for her leg to heal and so she could get more calcium. She's still here with me 6 years later and you would never know her leg was ever broken. The same might be for you. Good luck!
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    Oct 4, 2007
    OH wow that is scary. But great for the quick response and the vet getting out of bed! wow. you don't get such service around here
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    Thank goodness she did this while you were there! Better that it didn't happen at all, but you were able to get her taken care of ASAP!! With your TLC, I'm sure she'll heal quickly!
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    That was really scarey- poor little girl (and poor you too.) You were so wise not to let her do more damage to that leg- it could have been so much worse then. I hope she's going to be fine- and don't write her off yet- she may just heal up perfect.
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    Oct 5, 2007
    Keokuk, Iowa
    One of my friends had to pull a kid from a doe and broke the kids leg from having to pull so hard, they took the kid to the vet (it was a doe) got a cast on her leg and she has since finished and is on her way to being double finished! I don;t know if it was because she was so young when it happened but it healed so well you can't tell it was ever broken.

    I am so sorry this happened but you did really well and now she is on the road to recovery!!
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    Oct 5, 2007
    Oh dear!! I hope she recovers quickly. We've had a few broken legs, but luckily no back legs.
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    Oh how mad poor juno is! I put the other kids out today because it was nice but juno had to stay in the stall. She was so mad!
    But she is being her usual alpines self.