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Raising kids?

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I had 2 kids born yesterday and it was my first kidding. :) They both are healthy and happy, but when do i start vaccinating and everything else?

What should they be getting in their first year? Like cd&t, cocci prevention, worming, feed, or anything like that? One is a buck and the other is a doe if that makes any differences on when and what to give them? Im really new to all this so any tips would be great. :D
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That is all personal preference. :)

I do not vaccinate. My kids, as soon as they start nibbling dirt, are started on herbal coccidia prevention.

My kids do not get grain, they get high quality hay, and when they are old enough (3 weeks about) they get some alfalfa pellets to nibble so they aren't sad about momma getting dinner, haha. :)

I neuter my boys at about 5 weeks, because I have Nigerians, and they sometimes can breed as early as 6 weeks, though it is rare. Sometimes if they are small, I let them go to 8 weeks. :)

There are SO many ways to do things, a different way for each breeder. You will find what works for you. Enjoy those babes, and give them lots of love!
Thank you :D

Most of the time when i get kids they are either already taken care of in that area or the breeders say they don't do some of the stuff like vaccinate. Ill get the cocci preventative already so ill have it, but what brand would be good to use?

I've never had a doe and buck siblings so i don't know what I'm going to do about that. I guess if he starts "misbehaving" ill separate them. :) And as cute as he is, im going to have to sell him at about 6 months as a stud so i wont have to worry about castrating, but i am keeping the doe. :) (ill be sure to separate him way before hes 6 months though)
I band at 8 weeks for the boys. Since mom has grain, the kids get a little grain since they stick their head in mom's bowl.

I vaccinate with CDT at 3 weeks and 6 weeks.

I don't do any worming unless necessary. I'm very lucky, so far I have not had to do coccidia prevention. But if I ever start having a problem, then I will.
I use Fir Meadow's GI Soother as a coccidia prevention. She recommends giving them a pinch daily in their bottle or in their food. Since I dam-raise, I'll probably be mixing them tiny little molasses cookies, haha! I was told it has to be given at least 3 times a week as cocci prevention, and every time after it rains. The dosage is on the package. For newborns, they'd be getting a tiny pinch.

You can also use chemicals in prevention, but you do have to dose correctly to be sure you're not making the worms resistant to the chemical. There was a thread on this recently, I believe. :)
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