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Ran my own fecal: Maybe saw lung worm?

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I ran a fecal on a new goat we recently got today. She was producing 2 qts in the morning and 2.5 qts at night of milk. She is a Nubian. She has transitioned great and been milking great till just the last few days when her morning milk has dropped to about 1.5 qts instead of 2. I wanted to run a fecal although her stools appear normal and she is eating,drinking and acting normally. I saw a couple Cocci which there is always some so Im not worried about that but for the first time in any fecal I have checked I think I saw lung worm. I know its not very common to see this so Im not sure if maybe I am just seeing something else but it did look like a snake almost. I pulled the slide off and I could see it just with my eye, there was one for sure, possibly two. I haven't noticed her coughing but I will watch her for it just in case. Would you treat her at this point or wait till you know for sure and notice the coughing? Im still learning what everything looks like and I wish I could get a picture but it sure looked like a little snake.
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