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It's that time of year again! The first kidding date is quickly approaching. I have 6 does kidding this year in March and April.
First up is my herd queen Brownie, bred to Bodhi. She will be 9 years old and on her 8th freshening. She likes to have between 2-4 kids. She's due March 10th. Here she is (right) with her daughter, Primrose. I'm thinking twins or triplets for her.
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Next up is Red, bred to Bodhi. She will be 6 and on her 5th freshening. I don't know how many kids she has had with each freshening but last year was her first year kidding with me and she had triplets. I'm thinking she'll have triplets again. She's due March 19th.
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Next is Mia. She will be a 1 year old FF. She was bred through the fence so I don't know who she is bred to. Her due date is March 24th. She is very fluffy so there's nothing to take an udder picture of yet. I'm thinking 1-2 for her. Clearly, pregnancy has not impacted her climbing ability.
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Shortly after Mia we have Primrose. She is bred to Jake and due March 27th. She will be a 2 year old FF. She's pretty fluffy as well but her teats are starting to poke through. I'm thinking 2 for her.
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To be continued

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Wrapping up the kidding season are a pair of full sister Nubian does that I bought in the fall. Both will be 3 year old second fresheners and I feel clueless as far as how many kids I think they'll have since they're my first experience with standard doe bred to a smaller buck. First is Bunni, bred to Jake. Her due date is April 4th. She had triplets her FF.
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Bekah is wrapping up the season with an April 16th due date. She had quads her FF and is bred to Bodhi.
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I couldn't leave out Serenity. She will be 7 years old and is not bred. I decided to milk her through the winter instead of breeding her. Here's a belly picture (left) anyways because despite being open, she still has the largest belly in the barn.
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