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Cleaning out my tack trunks and goat trunks today trying to lightened the load to move! I have a bunch of goat items I don't need as we had sold our herd and only have a few pets I don't plan on breeding, at least anytime soon. You will need to pay all shipping costs if you want me to ship anything. I'll try to post links for everything so you can get more info on it.
Pull-Eze lamb puller. Unopened package, $8
Kid's choice colotrum replacer. Opened and used enough for 2 bottles. $15
Band castrater, used twice and unopened package of bands. $15
Leather goat lead, new with tags. Weaver. $7
Ketostrips. Opened, should be 40+ in the package, bought this spring. $5

Ammonium Chloride. At least 1/2 left. Bought this spring. $2

I have a bunch of horse items for sale too if anyone is interested, a bunch of cinches, some sports medicine boots, polos and pillow wraps. Also have some painted ponies if anyone collects those.
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