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Random Iodine Udder Wash Question...

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I use the iodine udder wash concentrate from dairy land. I just mix a batch of it in an old plastic coffee can and use with paper towels. Usually I make a new batch every week but lately it's been losing its color after a couple of days. Does the color have anything to do with its effectiveness? Should I change it out when it turns clear?
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The air can make it lose its effectiveness, as well as fluorescent lights and ultraviolet light. Do you have a spray bottle that you can pour it into,
Just spray the teats, let sit for 15 seconds and wipe off. The spray bottle will make the iodine last longer. (also, if your water has certain minerals, it
can effect the iodine).
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Ah, good idea! That will keep it cleaner too vs having to dunk the paper towel each time. 👍🏻
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