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I have another thread going for this goats ongoing health issues, but this has come on suddenly and seems to be getting worse, with the vets offices closed for the holidays.

Corey has abruptly started getting random spasms in her legs, mostly the back right leg, it spasms then locks up, but the other legs are starting to spasm as well but not locking up. It lasts for about 30 seconds to a minute, then her leg starts bending again and shes fine till it happens again. My mom thinks she might be missing something in her diet but we arent sure what.

She's eating hay, was eating fresh grass until it snowed yesterday, sweet feed, apples, cucumbers, and some unsweetened cereals as treats. We've started giving her B12, and her coat is soft shiney and healthy. Her rumen is gurgling away and shes chewing cud just fine. Shes skin and bone still though as she is recovering from coccidia, but she is gaining weight but shes also growing so as fast as she puts weight on it goes into growth so shes worryingly skinny. Her temp is normal, as is her famacha though her legs and feet feel cold. She also isn't drinking as much water as we'd like but we aren't sure why.

If any one knows what might be causing that it'd be really great. We aren't sure what to do.

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It would be helpful to know her other medical issues from your other thread. Keeping all her information together helps us see the full picture. I would go back to the other thread and add this new behavior to that thread and close this one so you and members aren't confused. This new behavior is worrisome and needs addressing.
For now..give the b complex and a tetanus antitoxin shot would not hurt. (Make sure its the antitoxin...5cc vile..give it all)

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Keep all info on the same thread. Only one thread not multiple threads of the same subject.
It gets confusing and as mentioned, we need all info before we are able to give better advice.

I agree with what has been said.
Dehydration comes to mind too.
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