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Raspberry Leaves.

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Ok, Those of you that use the raspberry leaves for your doe to help in labor. Do you give it before they are in labor, like how long before? During labor, or what? And how much?
I found Red Raspberry leaves, and they are crushed, is that ok?
Please tell me your secret.

That you and my does that you also. :greengrin:
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My secret? I use 2 different homeopathic remedies given the month before kidding. They help the uterus to prepare for birth and also helps to position the kids. Let me dig and see if I can find my list..............
I couldn't find my list I typed up but from memory, you give the remedy Caulophyllum 30c once a day the month before kidding, and the week before you alternate Caullophyllum with Pulsatilla 30c, one in the morning and one in the evening.

We did our own experiment and does that did not receive either of these remedies had increased kidding problems. These are both considered women's remedies and it will help prepare the uterus for birth and will also help to prevent a retained placenta. We've also found since giving remedies that they don't bleed as long or as heavy after they kid.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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