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Raspberry Leaves.

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Ok, Those of you that use the raspberry leaves for your doe to help in labor. Do you give it before they are in labor, like how long before? During labor, or what? And how much?
I found Red Raspberry leaves, and they are crushed, is that ok?
Please tell me your secret.

That you and my does that you also. :greengrin:
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Thanks. It is to late to do it the month before, because we will be delivering babies very very soon. I do not have a date on any, but I know about when they were bred.
eliya said:
We feed our does raspberry leaves their whole pregnancy. Even a few weeks before kidding will help though. We also give them to our does and bucks for a month or so before breeding.
Why do you give them to you bucks? I thought it helped in the delivery and the contractions.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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